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The interview process is an information gathering process for both sides. Throughout the entire process you want to ask smart questions that educate you about... How the employer works What the environment there is like Responsibilities of the role you’re interviewing for And TIMING considerations! When interviewing with multiple employers, you're best positioned if ... Read More
One habit oft-employed by savvy negotiators is to defer disclosure of their salary in their job interviews. When interviewing at a company, HR departments will often request you to disclose your compensation in past jobs. They ask for your current salary for two reasons: To help determine how much they need to ... Read More
John has helped "high performance employees" at all kinds of companies. Here are a few of them.

Using John’s techniques I negotiated a 12% raise AND a more flexible schedule AND a raise & promotion for one of my direct reports!

Jason M.

Jason M.Digital Marketing Manager

Without John’s help I would not have landed on my feet as gracefully as I did. His experience was invaluable for providing sharp and actionable advice that allowed me to land the job I really wanted without having to compromise on what mattered most to me.

Brian L.

Brian L.Senior Product Manager